Friday, 15 November 2013

♥ My Latte Art ♥

Recently the occupancy in our resort is quite low. It is just around 70% - 80%. I was so boring in the Bar and feel nothing to do. Therefore, this few day I try to learn how to make a cup of latte and cappuccino. I like to drink latte and cappuccino, but I won't drink coffee everyday because I couldn't sleep after I drink coffee. 

I don't have the habit to drink a cup of coffee every morning, so if there is any coffee order, I will take the opportunities to practice. For me, the hardest part to make a cup of latte with nice latte art is the milk foam. To make the latte art, first you need to make a perfect milk foam. After I have try for a few times, finally I can make a nice milk foam and try to make myself a cup of latte with my signature latte art. I was very happy because one of my objective was met. 

♥   Four leaves clover latte art  ♥

♥   My favourite little pig latte art  ♥  


But still I will try my best to learn a classic latte art from my colleague who is really professional in this. I really hope that I can make a perfect and nice latte art in the future.

P.S: Sorry about the broken English. If there is any mistakes please let me know. I will try to improve my English so that I won't die with my dissertation in the following year. 

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  1. cool~!! you can make the latte art yourself, next time show me ya~~ =)