Friday, 15 November 2013

♥ My Latte Art ♥

Recently the occupancy in our resort is quite low. It is just around 70% - 80%. I was so boring in the Bar and feel nothing to do. Therefore, this few day I try to learn how to make a cup of latte and cappuccino. I like to drink latte and cappuccino, but I won't drink coffee everyday because I couldn't sleep after I drink coffee. 

I don't have the habit to drink a cup of coffee every morning, so if there is any coffee order, I will take the opportunities to practice. For me, the hardest part to make a cup of latte with nice latte art is the milk foam. To make the latte art, first you need to make a perfect milk foam. After I have try for a few times, finally I can make a nice milk foam and try to make myself a cup of latte with my signature latte art. I was very happy because one of my objective was met. 

♥   Four leaves clover latte art  ♥

♥   My favourite little pig latte art  ♥  


But still I will try my best to learn a classic latte art from my colleague who is really professional in this. I really hope that I can make a perfect and nice latte art in the future.

P.S: Sorry about the broken English. If there is any mistakes please let me know. I will try to improve my English so that I won't die with my dissertation in the following year. 

Friday, 8 November 2013

♥ 126 days in Maldives ♥





虽然这两张照片都是在同个地点照的,可是照出来的效果与感觉真的非常不一样。(这两张照片是无加任何 effect 的哦!)

Have a nice day! To be continue ...

Monday, 4 November 2013

♥ 123 days in Maldives ♥

I have changed outlet to Bar since last week. Start from the main restaurant, Celsius to Fine Dining restaurant, Salt and now job is become easier and easier. 

Today, due to bad weather, there is not many guests in the Bar, I feel boring and nothing to do. However, I have the opportunity to make a mojito, milk shake and Huvafen mojito in the bar. It is a good try for me.

Around 5 o' clock in the evening, I saw dolphin passed by our resort. I felt excited and happy although this is not my first time see dolphin in Maldives.

What I can say working in Maldives is quite relax. Everyday, I will face this blue sea and blue sky, for sure I feel good and happy to work. 

The scenery here is just like a picture that hang on in the house. No matter how much stressful I have or how upset I have, when I saw the view here...stress and sadness on me will release.

Raw restaurant
Raw restaurant and Salt restaurant 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

♥ 小朋友 ♥ 小朋友 ♥




带我去 Spa Aquarium





 用手机照相效果会有点落差,可是感觉还不赖 :)

  客人送我的特产和糖果 :)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

♥ My Internship in Maldives ♥

I' m really not a regular customer in Blogger. After a year and a year only I show up here. From my last post, I was talking about my first experience in Switzerland, but now I already come back form Switzerland and doing my second internship in Maldives.

Maldives is really an amazing island. The view here is totally cannot compare to the others island. Many people were envy me when I confirm my internship in Maldives included my family members. This is because Maldives is one of the top countries that people wish to come here for vacation and honeymoon. It is very expensive to have a holiday in Maldives. The accommodation and food are very expensive and they are using USD currency. I wish to come here as a guest, but I cannot afford the cost, so I choose to be a staff here. I never regret my choice and I really thank to my lecturer who help me a lot to find a position in Maldives. 

This is one of my favourite pictures in Huvafen Fushi. I took it during sunset and it's really make me feel "wow". I never seen this scene before in my life. What I can say is really amazing and it is totally a heaven. 

This is just a warm up, I will try to update more photos about Maldives in my following Blog :)

To Be Continue...

Friday, 31 August 2012

After One Year :)

Haha...First, I think I need to laugh at myself. Because I totally forget that I have a blog till my friend remind me. Already one year I didn't update my blog. I have no any changes after one year...just I now studying my Higher Diploma and Degree in Switzerland. 

Today is the fifth week I stay at Switzerland. When I reached here the weather is hot like Malaysia. But after one month, the weather start to change to Autumn. Almost everyday is raining and quite cold in the night. Although wearing a jacket, still can feel the wind blow from outside the window. However, it is better than summer because I don't like summer.

At Switzerland, everything is good just the only one thing is their living cost is quite high. You can imagine that a set of Mc donald can cost you about CHF 12 minimum. This remind me of Mc donald in Malaysia. I so miss Mc donald and now I feel hungry... T.T

Almost 1.00am in Switzerland, iss time to go and sleep. Good Night everybody, have a nice dream

View from my Uni :)
Luzern city view ^^

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Drunk !!!

Today is my LAST DAY in Eastern & Oriental Hotel !!!
I was so happy because I have finished my training. 
Last day at bar wasn't good. 
Captain: You want mandi or you want drink the beverage that we make?
Ping: I want drink...>.<
I have no choice, because today I didn't bring another shirt and pant to hotel. So I decide to drink.
First glass......
Cosmopolitan (contain 2 shot of smirnoff vodka), photo coming soon after finished I just feel dizzy and my face just looked like tomato.
They gave me cookies, they gave me char koay teow to eat...after that my face is back to normal.
Around 5p.m, Captain: Now is second round....Let me decide what to do. >.<
Ping: =.=
Second glass......
Day dreamer (contain 1 shot of gordon gin and 1 shot smirnoff vodka), photo coming soon after finished I feel dizzy and my face back to tomato again. @.@
When I reached home I was just lay on the bed and sleep.
This is my last day...and I really really enjoy training at Eastern & Oriental. Although I don't like some of the people at there...I really like the place. I hope that I can go there again...not working but may be travel. ^.^( Hope so la)
Another thing is...I really happy that I can meet a lot of new friends there. ( Savon, May Chen, Raymond, Amy, Wai Yee, Santa, Daniel, Wan May, Joyce and etc.) I'm so glad that I can know all of you. You all are too friendly to us. I would like to say thank you and nice to meet you all.
Of course not only them...the staff at there were also very nice. Hope we can meet again and keep in touch... :P
I will remember what I have done at this hotel. 
Hope I will meet you all when I visit to Penang once again. 
Lastly I would like to say, the guest at E&O were very friendly...and I won't forget the every moment that I had at the hotel.